taryn (shapetotheface) wrote in whatposessedyou,

~sexi girls~

from viceland. too good to not share.
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Deleted comment

what, whorey dressers?

yeah, pretty much lol. doesn't mean it looks good or tasteful though!
if 'what guys are into' was parallel to 'fashion' i think we'd all just be strolling around naked.
that's why most blokes aren't worth dating..


10 years ago


10 years ago

most blokes don't understand fashion!!
that pink..dress..does it even count as a dress? you'd be cold in that..
it's fashioned to display her tatto and belly-button piercing, both so subtle behind the veil of pink mesh. classy.
My skank alarm just went nuts.


May 4 2007, 21:39:22 UTC 10 years ago

lovely stain on the white dress
HAHA very classy!
Possibly a bit off the point but what the hell happened to their arses?!?!!?
I think it's because they're wearing the pants so low that the top half of their ass is cut off, hence the rectangular shape of the lower half.
those red boots kill me the most i think
look at how the heels are bending.


10 years ago

It's okay, when they are 40 they are going to hate their lives.
Second pic:
Happy Halloween??
Oh, and I just noticed the big rhinestone crucifix around the neck of purple dress girl. Remember, Jesus loves big fake titties!
what nice meaty thighs they have
all the better for spreading i guess
rofl - thats the intention judging by the outfits and general lack of clothing on upper half of body.


10 years ago

she may as well have shoved a tyre in her tit.
It's that face anyways.
and did she get her extensions from a horses arse?

vice do's and don'ts? quality.
the first just look like ukrainian prostitutes... but the second picture is more lol-worthy due to the fact that you KNOW they just think they are so... ** HAWT***! lycra mixed with chiffon is just like a dangerzone, why go there?!?!

Deleted comment

second that :)
and no aeriolis too ...